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Anti SonDash fan stamp by IcePony64 New Anti Sonic x MLP Crossover Stamp by IcePony64Anti RushTango ship stamp by Airman-EXE

Ships for my opinion that I like:
The ones that I like:
YoshiTwi aka Yoshilight (Yoshi x Twilight)
YosBlaze (Yoshi x Blaze) by cicilyn plus YosTwiBlaze (Twilight x Yoshi x Blaze - 3 in one.)
BoshiTrixie (I came up with the name of the ship xD) (Boshi (Super Mario RPG) x Trixie)
Bowhrysalis (Bowser x Queen Chrysalis)
Wood x Plant ( from a ship of my favorite pal WOOF... I mean WOODMAN. ^^; )
FoxChica (FNAF ship Foxy x Chica)
Flashlight (Flash x Twilight) although for another 3 ships YoshiFlashlight (Another 3 in one ship - Yoshi x Twilight x Flash)
SoarinDash (Soarin x Rainbow Dash)
Fluttermac (Big Mac x Fluttershy)
MariPeach (Mario x Peach)
LuiDaisy (Luigi x Daisy)
DisStia (help with this ship name) (Discord x Celestia)
Sombrahrysalis (i think) (King Sombra x Queen Chrysalis)
LuiPeach (Luigi x Peach)
Spiarity (Spike x Rarity)
Silaze (Silver x Blaze)
KnuxRouge (Knuckles x Rouge)
Sonamy (Sonic x Amy)
Soarinfire (Soarin x Spitfire)
ChryShin (Queen Chrysalis x Shining Armor)
ShinDence (Shining Armor x Princess Cadence)
James x Martin and Thomas x Martine by martinethehedgehog12
Trango (Treble x Tango - a joke ship by icepony64 but it actually is a fine ship a little)
RockRoll (Megaman (Rock) x Roll as brother and sister)
Megafit (Megaman x That Lady Wii Fitter)
Shadshy for cicilyn (Shadow x Fluttershy)

The ones I think thats fine but don't support (not being a hater):
MariDash aka MarioDash (Mario x Rainbow Dash)
Luigishy (Luigi x Fluttershy)
ShinyPeach (Shining Armor x Peach)
YosJack (Yoshi x Applejack)
Yosshy (Yoshi x Fluttershy)
Yoshipie (Yoshi x Pinkie Pie)
MariDaisy (Mario x Daisy)
Donkeyline (Donkey Kong x Pauline)
Tailsamy (Tails x Amy)
YosAmy (Yoshi x Amy)
MariAmy (Mario x Amy)
MariBlaze (Mario x Blaze)
Shadamy (Shadow x Amy)
ShadDash (Shadow x Rainbow Dash)
Silverlight (Silver x Twilight)
Daisyjack (Daisy x Applejack)
LunaCord (Princess Luna x Discord)
Lunastia (Princess Luna x Princess Celestia)
MariLina (Mario x Rosalina)
Marijack (Mario x Applejack)
MariRarity (Mario x Rarity)
Marilight (Mario x Twilight)
Chariysalis (Charizard x Chrysalis by icepony64)
Kirbypie (Kirby x Pinkie Pie)

The ones that I least like and never support:
SonDash (Sonic x Rainbow Dash < Must I ask again why I don't really like this ship)
SonFoxy (Sonic x Foxy < Who in the heck came up with that kind of a ship.)
Yosirdo (Yoshi x Birdo - Sorry... its not really my type of ship that I support.)
RushTreble (Rush x Treble)
MegaBass (Megaman x Bass (Forte))
Tailslight (Tails x Twilight)
MegaCrash (Megaman x Crashman < Really...? Since when was this a ship)
MariPauline (Mario x Pauline)
ToadPeach (Toad x Peach)
WaluiDaisy (Waluigi x Daisy)
Tailshy (Tails x Fluttershy)
Sonaze (Sonic x Blaze)
Mickeypie (Mickey Mouse x Pinkie Pie)
SonLight (Sonic x Twilight Sparkle < How is this an possible ship)
Sonarity (Sonic x Rarity)
ShinAmy (Shining Armor x Amy)
Marihrysalis (Mario x Queen Chrysalis < Wait... What...? Queen Chrysalis in love with Mario... oh boy that is a bad shot on a Mario/MLP shipping)
LuiPauline (Luigi x Pauline)
Silarity (Silver x Rarity)
SonicMickey (Sonic x Mickey Mouse)
Sontree (Sonic x Tree < This is a funny cracked ship but why would Sonic fall in love with a tree xD)
SonDash.EXE (The .EXE ship of Sonic x Rainbow Dash)
Sonicpie (Sonic x Pinkie Pie)
Sonstia (Sonic x Princess Celestia)
Sonluna (Sonic x Princess Luna)
AppKnux (Applejack x Knuckles)
ThomasTwi (Thomas x Twilight < This is one of the top worst ships ever.)
Shadowpie (Shadow x Pinkie Pie)
RushTango (Rush x Tango < If there is a ship that have this)



Keep on coming Mark... Never give up until you plan to finish... ^^
Beavis vs. Zorak by Airman-EXE
Beavis vs. Zorak
This was going to be in my area but I decided to show it in pubic and was something I've made for :iconsilvolf: since she is a Zorak fan and she liked this pic.

So how should this story go... well anything randoness I guess.

-Beavis and Butthead goes to the "BEATING" Booth with Zoark in it, Beavis puts in money and walks in while Butthead is watching... then you should know what happen next.

The scene was from the Brak Show Season 2: Bully and Beavis was edited by me.

Who do you think will win this fight? NO, NOT A DEATH MATCH.

Comment below before you fav and hope you like it.

Beavis is by Mike Judge and MTV
Zorak is by GSC2C and The Brak Show, CN, and Adult Swim.


20 10 times mode. >:3

Markiplier decided to play the game again...~

Now were all going to give him a jump scare. >3

Now the next person is :icontobuscusplz: to play the game...
Super MEGA True Buddies PNG and Base by Airman-EXE
Super MEGA True Buddies PNG and Base
Mario and Megaman! The True Red and Blue pals. ^_^ (Before it was Mario and Sonic)

My two favorite gaming since I was little, and still is no matter what. ^^

I was planning to shade it and more but I decided to let anyone who loves these two that wants to shade this or etc... go right ahead. :D

Just as long you give me credit for this.

Although I quite probably messed up on Mario's left arm a little its still a great one to me still.

Hope you like it, FREE TO USE, and Comment before you fav. NO HATE/RUDE COMMENTS ABOUT THIS.


Megaman is by CAPCOM
Mario is by Nintendo
All rights are reserved and no copyrights restricted.
Mark and a dog! ^_^

Hell I Want To Be a PET for Markiplier! >w< *WOOF WOOF* :3 PLZ??? :>

Anyway another of finding markiplier random videos time again. xD

Keep on coming Mark... Never give up until you plan to finish... ^^

20 10 times mode. >:3

Markiplier decided to play the game again...~

Now were all going to give him a jump scare. >3

Now the next person is :icontobuscusplz: to play the game...



Airman-EXE's Profile Picture
Airman the wolf
I am a creepypasta who was created by :iconicepony64:.

Likes: MLP (Well yes I am a brony, got a problem with it? Well screw you.), Creepypasta stories that makes sense, Mario, Pokemon, and of course Megaman.

Dislike: Sonic.EXE (That game sucked a bit), bullcrap creepypasta stories that makes no sense, Dark Airman (That guy was a jerk and yes he was on DA before.), and Name Calling, Sonic/MLP (Couples, Team, and Stories: It repeats everything over and over again just like when RD is with Sonic even as a couple, it just makes me sick big time.)

So there you go...

Do not SPAM nor ARGUE what I like or dislike.

:iconpsychicladymewtwo: is a nice friend, she's friendly to a lot people, even me. ^^

:iconitsmegaman: - (Moved)

:iconthenameskullman: - Friend

:iconluigikirby64: Well this guy is nice to... he's also an kirby artist fan and an good drawer.

:iconultimatecomicscanada: - A nice friend and is a good drawer.

:iconmariodashplz: - BEST FRIEND EVER! I'M NEVER EVIL ON THIS GUY ONCE I HEARD ABOUT HIS DEATH OF HIS MOTHER... But does he have a father...?

:iconnikki-chaos: - she is a nice friend and good kirby artist.

:iconasktherealsupermario: - Well... Mario is a friend even though I asked him 2 question about me evilly.

:iconprincess-shroob: - Told her about Megaman and trying to get him to know his real truth... (Don't ask)

:iconask--sonicexe: - Okay, he is a nice character for a creepypasta but it was just the story that didn't make sense. Plus I apologize if I was a bit too harsh on him... I wasn't proud of his story though. Video:…

:iconaskthebluebomber: - WHAT THE?!? ANOTHER MEGAMAN... Wait... I'm confused, who is the real megaman then.

:iconasksanic-exe: - a randomly, derpy, and funny version of Sonic.EXE (Which I do like him by the way)

:icondashcookieswagger2: - This kid is gone... heres why that this brat still hates crossovers with non sonic things with mlp:…

:iconlavendertownsghost: - The ghost of Lavender Town from Pokemon Red/Blue/Green (JPN) and A very nice and funny friend. xD (He told some people that me and him really exist and they all felt for it. xD) *brofist Ghost* Nice Job dude! x3

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