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I was reading some of peoples comments about me but... they said that they want my old form back.

And should I do it...? Should I turn heel...? (turn evil) I mean a lot of others did forgive me... but if I change back there will be no returning as good again.

So be careful with this choice... pick at your own risk.

Comment below to seek your answer and explain why.


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I am a creepypasta who was created by :iconicepony64:.

Likes: MLP (Well yes I am a brony, got a problem with it? Well screw you.), Creepypasta stories that makes sense, Mario, Pokemon, and of course Megaman.

Dislike: Sonic.EXE (That game sucked a bit), bullcrap creepypasta stories that makes no sense, Dark Airman (That guy was a jerk and yes he was on DA before.), and Name Calling, Sonic/MLP (Couples, Team, and Stories: It repeats everything over and over again just like when RD is with Sonic even as a couple, it just makes me sick big time.)

So there you go...

Do not SPAM nor ARGUE what I like or dislike.

:iconpsychicladymewtwo: is a nice friend, she's friendly to a lot people, even me. ^^

:iconitsmegaman: - (Moved)

:iconthenameskullman: - Friend

:iconluigikirby64: Well this guy is nice to... he's also an kirby artist fan and an good drawer.

:iconultimatecomicscanada: - A nice friend and is a good drawer.

:iconmariodashplz: - BEST FRIEND EVER! I'M NEVER EVIL ON THIS GUY ONCE I HEARD ABOUT HIS DEATH OF HIS MOTHER... But does he have a father...?

:iconcrazy-kirbyxd: - she is a nice friend and good kirby artist.

:iconasktherealsupermario: - Well... Mario is a friend even though I asked him 2 question about me evilly.

:iconprincess-shroob: - Told her about Megaman and trying to get him to know his real truth... (Don't ask)

:iconask--sonicexe: - Okay, he is a nice character for a creepypasta but it was just the story that didn't make sense. Plus I apologize if I was a bit too harsh on him... I wasn't proud of his story though. Video:…

:iconaskthebluebomber: - WHAT THE?!? ANOTHER MEGAMAN... Wait... I'm confused, who is the real megaman then.

:iconasksanic-exe: - a randomly, derpy, and funny version of Sonic.EXE (Which I do like him by the way)

:icondashcookieswagger2: - THIS KID IS A SONIC FANBOY FAG THAT IS ABUING OTHERS CROSSOVER! heres why:…

:iconlavendertownsghost: - The ghost of Lavender Town from Pokemon Red/Blue/Green (JPN) and A very nice and funny friend. xD (He told some people that me and him really exist and they all felt for it. xD) *brofist Ghost* Nice Job dude! x3

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Pain: "..........."
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Pain: "Well you certainly look..... interesting. What are you?" He asked as he looked at him with his expressionless face.
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thanks for the fav. ( btw i like mlp too )
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